Lansering av OPI Starlight

I förra veckan var jag på lansering av OPIs julkollektion Starlight. Mycket trevligt event, och kollektionen ser riktigt fin ut! (Fast jag saknar att det inte finns med några lack i grönt eller guld… ) Kollektionen kommer att släppas i mitten av november och består av hela 18 lack. Jag fick med mig allihopa hem, så det kommer att komma lite bilder på dem allteftersom. Fast eftersom jag tänkte försöka vara lite försiktig med mina naglar numera och inte byta lack så ofta, samt ha nakna dagar emellanåt för att riktigt mätta klorna med olja, så kommer det nog att ta ungefär till nästa jul innan jag hinner använda alla. 😛

Jag skriver resten av posten på engelska eftersom jag känner mig lite för lat för att orka översätta allt. Hoppas det är ok. Jag tror faktiskt att någon/några av mina icke-svensktalande studenter kollar in min blogg ibland, så nu känns det lite mer motiverat att skriva på engelska.

Last week I went to the launch of OPIs Christmas collection Starlight. It will be released in the middle of November and contains 18 polishes, mostly silvers, reds and blues. I am a little disappointed that there is no gold or green in the bunch, but all in all it is a nice collection with some really pretty polishes. I have gotten all of them for review, so there will be pictures eventually. However, I am trying to be nicer to my nails now and not change polishes that often – and have naked nails once in a while to saturate them with oil – so it will probably take until next Christmas or so to go through them all. 😛



These OPI cupcakes was the first thing to meet us. They looked delicious, but I was told that they contained licorice, that I hate, so I didn’t taste any. Those who did (and who didn’t share my aversion to licorice) said that they were really good!


SONY DSCGoody bags! Sparkling silver goody bags! Beside the whole Starlight collection, we also got a blingy bracelet from Swarowski, that is collaborating with OPI on this collection. Nice!



The whole collection. Loads of polishes…

SONY DSCThe reds/pinks.

SONY DSCThe silvers.

SONY DSCThe darks.


There was of course a presentation by Ulrica from Goodpr as well. The focus was on nail art, which I think is really nice! The interest for nail art has really increased the last years! I felt a little alone in it when I started blogging in 2010 and now it feels like everyone is a nail artist! 🙂



They had done different nail arts on all the girls from Goodpr and Newly Polished that were there and did live demonstrations with a camera connected to the screen to show off the manicures to all of us. Cool idea!




They are releasing a lot of different kits in connection with the collection, and in these you can get Swarowski crystals or temporary tattos, that look really nice. Unfortunately, the crystals and tattoos will only be sold separately in salons, which is too bad for me. I would have liked to try them, but I won’t buy polishes I already have for it. (I don’t think there are any salons selling OPI products in Uppsala, where I live.)



As every year, they are also releasing a mini kit with the best OPI selling polishes. This year they have included two new polishes; Do You Have This Color in Stockholm? and That’s Hula-rious!.



Of course they are also releasing a mini kit with polishes from the Starlight collection as well.


You could also get your nails done with polishes from the collection. I didn’t want to remove the nail art I already wore, so I didn’t do it. Instead I went shopping with Emma from Sminkan och Emma and Emelie from Krex. Then I met up with Lina from Make it Fab, who had stayed on to get a manicure, and took the train home with her. (It was really nice to meet her as well! We used to work in the same building and talked about nail polish at a regular basis, but she has started working in another place so I rarely see her any more.)

And to be quite honest, the best part of these events is meeting all the other nail and beauty bloggers! They are such a nice bunch of people!

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  1. I’ve seen some bottleshots and some looks very nice but it would have been nice with at least one green polish.


  2. Så många fina lack, dom där cupcakes ser ju helt underbara ut så söta


  3. Fina lack, men det känns inte som en julkollektion riktigt i och med att alla färger utom grönt och gult var med. Jag gillade den 2013 eller 2014 med grönt, vitt och rött i fokus.



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