OPI Starlight 2015

På OPI-eventet för ett par veckor sedan fick jag hela julkollektionen Starlight med mig hem i goodiebagen. Jag tycker det är en riktigt fin kollektion, men det är lite synd att det inte finns ett endaste lack i grönt eller guld. Jag får mer nyårsvibbar än julvibbar av den. Det är dock trevligt att det är ett rimligt antal röda lack, som dessutom alla är klart olika. (OPI har ju en tendens att släppa urtiburton röda lack som ser rätt lika ut i sina julkollektioner.) De flesta av lacken är riktigt fina, och det finns några höjdare. De släpps i mitten av november och kommer att kosta 155 kr styck.

At the OPI-event a couple of weeks ago I got the whole Christmas collection Starlight with me home. It is a really nice collection, but it is a pity that there isn’t a single gold or green in the whole collection. I get more of a New Years Eve-vibe than a Christmassy feeling from it. It is nice, thought, that there aren’t too many similar reds (OPI does have a tendency to include a lot of reds in their Christmas collections). Some of the polishes are very pretty, and a few of them are really great! They will be released in the middle of November and will cost 155 SEK each.

(I’ll write the rest of the post in English.)



Press * for Silver – not really a silver at all, but a silvery pink. Not my favourite of them all…

I’m in the Moon for Love – a lovely reddish purple with a discreet shimmer that actually shows more on the nail than in the bottle. I’m wearing this at the moment and I love it!

Love is in my Cards – a classic red creme. Not very exciting, but not bad either. It might be a bit too yellowish to play well with my skin tone, though.

Ro-Man-Ce on the Moon – really nice medium red shimmer.

Let your Love Shine – one of my favourites in the collection, a rich, dark red shimmer. Yum! (And, unbelievably, unique in my collection!)

Guys & Galaxies – a very dark red creme. More Halloween than Christmas, but I really don’t mind that.



Infrared-y to Glow – strangely shaped pink and gold glitters together with small prismatic silver glitters.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite – the same pink glitters as in Infrared-y to Glow, but paired with dark grey rhomboidal glitters and small gold glitters. I don’t really understand why they included two very similar glitter polishes in the same collection. I am not overly excited about any of them.

Ce-Less-Tial is More – warm silvery pink textured glitter (although not marked as a Liquid Sand polish). I actually like this, despite it being pink!

Super Star Status – the silver twin of Ce-Less-Tial is More. You can’t really go wrong with a textured silver glitter. In my picture it looks like the glitter in it is gold, but it doesn’t look like that IRL.

By the Light of the Moon – this feels like a good idea gone wrong. It is a silver chrome polish with silver glitters in it, but the glitters are drowned by the base so it just looks lumpy. I hope it will look better on the nail than on my swatch stick (I will just use one coat over a silver base), but I doubt it.

Is this Star Taken? – I am a bit on the fence about this one. It is a silver chrome with small prismatic silver bars. If you look closely it looks lumpy, but from a distance it sparkles in a delightful way. I think I might like it after all!



Comet Closer – a very warm toned silver, almost gold, but not quite. Quite nice and unusual.

I Drive a Supernova – another silver polish. Ok, silvers are nice, but I feel that OPI has done a lot of similar silver polishes lately.

Give Me Space – a lovely medium blue linear holo. Not the strongest holo effect, but still very pretty. This is actually the only polish my husband liked in the collection, but he’s really not that interested in polish. (And just that he had an opinion at all was more or less sensational!)

Cosmo with a Twist – in the bottle it looks like a dark blue-purple duochrome, but on my swatch stick the duochrome effect disappears and it just looks like a dark blue. I hope it will be better as a full manicure.

No More Mr. Night Sky – dark charcoal grey shimmer. Really nice!

The Center of the You-niverse – black base with small black glitters and silver shimmer. This is really my cup of tea! It is much better on the nail than it looks to be in the bottle. I have worn this as a full manicure so I will post better pictures soon.

So – what do you think about the collection? Yay or nay?

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  1. Give Me My Space ser fantastisk ut, resten är väl ok.


  2. Så många snygga lack i kollektionen, men mest spännande är cosmo with a twist


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